Bear Creek Artichokes  

About Bear Creek Artichokes

Bear Creek Artichokes was founded on the Oregon Coast by Cindy & Bill Miles in 1977. Snuggled into the foothills of the Coast Range, our 20 acre farm is bordered by Highway 101 and is located 11 miles south of Tillamook.

Bear Creek was originally started as an artichoke farm and has continually evolved over the years. While still raising artichokes, we also offer a fall pumpkin patch, and some fresh picked summer veggies from our gardens. In 1999 we tore down our original fruit stand and built an improved farm market that not only encompasses our fruit stand specializing in all varieties of fresh N.W. produce but was expanded to include a garden room, gift shop, and farm kithcen. We retained our retail greenhouse and display pond, also. You can still take a stroll through our beautiful perrenial display gardens located on the North side of our farm store.

Cindy has developed an incredible selection of jams, jellies, fruit butters, and syrups, as well as dilly beans and pickled asparagus. All of these recipes are made in small batches in our farm kitchen, and the attention to freshness and availability of high quality Oregon produce results in a superior finished product. You are able to sample these fine products in our gift shop, as well as, a wide variety of gourmet foods including salad dressings, mustards, hot sauces & salsa, local honey and dips. Since we are a seasonal business these offerings will change with the season. Feel free to E-MAIL us questions on availability.

Expansion in our nursery has included offering an eclectic blend of herbs, perrenials, bonsai starts, native plants and trees, as well as the mainstay anuuals and charming potted summer baskets. Since 1998 we have been expanding our tree and shrub inventory and the selection is great. Early spring you will find great buys on bare root trees, shrubs, berry plants, asparagus and rhubarb roots. We do not plan to ship any plants so we encourage you to visit our farm when you are in the area.

We also offer garden tours of our display gardens and food sampling tours by appointment.

Our hours change during the year. Jan. & Feb. we are open Fri.-Sun. 10-5. March through Dec. we are open daily starting 10-5 in the spring and expanding to 9-7 in summer and cutting back down in fall based an daylight.


Artichokes are a marine climate vegetable and thrive in coastal climates. They can be grown in warmer climates but expect some compromise in quality. They need a pH of 6-7 and well drained soil to optimize crop. It is a good ides to avoid stress factors when getting your plants established so we reccomend being attentive during this stage by providing adequate moisture until the root system is well established;appx. 2-4 weeks. In summer, water deep and fertilize intermittingly with a well balanced fertilizer such as a time release 10-10-10, 16-16-16. Micronutrients from seaweed extract ( we like maxi-crop) or fish fertilizer can be beneficial also. Followed with adequate weeding and these good gardening practices should result in a great crop of artichokes. We recommend at least one plant for each artichoke lover in your family. Happy Eating!